Minutes of Extraordinary PPC Meeting – 2nd August 2016


Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on TUESDAY 2nd AUGUST 2016

PRESENT: Father James Walsh, John Bolger, Hilary Bolger, Robert Hardie, Frances Green, Frances Dickerson and Secretary Clare Hardie

  1. APOLOGIES: Deacon Ron O’Toole, Agnieska Gabriel, Michael Haughton, Mary Edmonds, Chris Falla, Adrian Rudman, Carol Shippey.

Fr. James began the meeting with Prayer.

As there were so few members able to attend it was decided to simply discuss Laudato Sii and the Live Simply Award rather than have a full PPC Meeting but a couple of other matters were discussed briefly


Parish Finances – Fr. James said he would deal with this issue after the summer.

On going Formation for Children – Frances said that the families who had attended the Picnic had enjoyed themselves but she had been disappointed by the low attendance. Sara Mawe (nee Shippey) had been a great help with the children’s entertainments. Now that the World Youth Day was over Clare will contact Hamish and ask him or one of the Diocesan Youth Team to attend our next meeting to help us with ideas for engaging our parish youth.

Refugees in Norfolk - John said there had been a great response to the request for bicycles, tools and vacuum cleaners and ‘English +’ had now collected them all from Fr. James’ garage. They will give John details of the beneficiaries to share with the Parish. John is still receiving offers of more bicycles and he will check if ‘English +’ would like more. He said he was delighted by the good will he had experienced from parishioners. John and Hilary were delighted to report that Sanctuary Norfolk had been able to confirm that Norfolk County Council had agreed on the 25th July, to accept 50 Syrian refugees into the county. They will be supported by EU funding. They will be identified and selected by UNHCR and Sanctuary Norfolk is hoping they will be here by January 2017. Rob said that as part of a ‘Footsteps of St Paul Pilgrimage’ that he and Clare were undertaking in September, they would be visiting ‘Welcome Centres’ for Syrian Refugees on Rhodes and Kos run by an Arabic speaking English Franciscan Priest, Fr. John Luke Gregory. Their tour operators had suggested that they would obviously welcome any cash donations from the pilgrims to help with his work. Fr. James agreed that Rob could speak at all 3 Masses over the weekend of 28th August and ask parishioners if they wanted to donate to this very worthwhile cause as he would be able to take their donations together with the money he had raised from the Catholic Medical Association Conference last weekend.


Following on from the 5 talks on Laudato Sii, which about 20 people had attended at each session, Stephen Matthews from CAFOD who led the first and final session, had encouraged the participants to apply for a Live Simply Award for the Parish. Fr. James said he had been involved with Live Simply whilst at the Cathedral and whst was needed was a small steering group to lead the whole process; at the Cathedral this had been the CAFOD group. He will talk to the whole Parish and raise their awareness by explaining that we are already involved in many of the areas suggested under the headings of ‘reflection and worship’ ‘practical’ ‘reaching out’ and ‘taking Live Simply home.’ Fr. James thought the weekend over the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi – 2nd October would be the most appropriate time to speak to the parish, it would also be the weekend before CAFOD Family Fast Day. A steering group will meet on Tuesday 23rd August in the Parish Room after morning Mass. The group will be Fr. James, Rob, Hilary and Clare. Mary Edmunds, Mary Rando and Katie Maidment, who had attended the Laudato Sii talks, will also be asked to join the group. Fr. James will ask if anyone else would like to be involved with the steering group via the parish newsletter

The first step has been done which was to register the interest of the Parish with CAFOD. We now have a form to complete which will be our action plan and involves choosing 9 actions under the categories of ‘Actions to live simply’ ‘Actions to live sustainably with creation’ and ‘Actions to live in solidarity with the poor’. It was suggested that we will need a Live Simply notice board in each church to advertise our progress. Information about the Live Simply award can be found on the CAFOD.org.uk website under ‘Campaigns’ and follow the link to the Live Simply Award


  1. A.O.B.

Michael Haughton had asked that the security of our Priests should be discussed in light of the recent assassination in Rouen. Fr. James said obviously this was of concern in the Diocese particularly as ISIS has stated that Christian Churches and clergy are to be targeted. The clergy had been advised not to take undue risks and to be generally more aware of strangers in the church. This is not so easy in holiday areas or city parishes. John Pitt had also circulated information about government grants, which are being made available to install security cameras in churches.

Rob informed the PPC that the police had apprehended and charged a young man in his early twenties who had admitted causing the arson attacks in St. John of the Cross. It seems there are mitigating circumstances as the young man has ‘mental issues’. He and his family have expressed regret for the distress, damage and obvious costs involved. The case is expected to proceed in the normal manner but the Rev. Andrew Bean of St. Michaels in Aylsham, also subject to an arson attack by the young man, has suggested a meeting with the accused. This was discussed at St. John of the Cross last Sunday and parishioners agreed that this was the correct Christian approach so Peter Adamson will confirm this with the Police who will advise the prosecuting authorities accordingly and possibly set up a meeting.


Tuesday 11th October 2016 in the Parish Room at 19.30 p.m.

Fr. James then concluded the meeting with a prayer.




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