Newsletter 18.08.19.

Dear Friends,

Jesus does not promise a quiet life to those who choose to follow the one who speaks the truth of God: discipleship can bring hardship and division. The Christian call is not based on an ’easy ride’, it is based on recognising in Christ our true destiny regardless of what that entails. Christians do not opt out of life and its struggles, rather they recognise in those struggles the path to life. But that path is not made alone but with the countless brothers and sisters who share our faith: people who also have to face struggles and difficulties, division and hostility. Together we look to Jesus ’who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection’.

This weekend we welcome Andy and Mary Clark and Angela Stone from Network for a Better World. This is a lay missionary group which operates from a rural mission parish in Southern Malawi. They will speak about the work of the organisation and how we call all be involved in the mission of the Church overseas.

Father James


Today (Sunday) at North Walsham a Forum will be held following the 11.00 am Mass. Please be ready with any points you wish to raise. Please note: the Tuesday Mass at North Walsham will take place at 6pm (Memorial Garden Mass).

Do you wish you had more confidence to explain your faith? A team from Catholic Voices will be running a training day on 7th September in the parish hall at Wymondham from 11am - 4 pm. It will include practical skills in talking about controversial topics ‘without raising your voice’. If you would like to attend you will need to book a place in advance. Contact Rebecca Bretherton at:

A copy of the Minutes of the PPC Meeting (Parish Pastoral Council) held on Tuesday 9th July is now on the parish website: copies are also available to pick up and are displayed in our church porches. The next PPC meeting is on Tuesday 22nd October.

It is important that new PPC representatives are elected to help represent their churches so please make your nominations for a new PPC representative, in your church community - to start this coming October. Elaine Haughton, (St Helen’s) Becky Walker (Sacred Heart) and Carol Shippey (St John of the Cross) will be stepping down from their three year terms. Nomination forms are available in our churches. We thank Elaine, Becky and Carol for their contribution to the life of the Parish.

This year’s Memorial Garden Mass at North Walsham will be held on Tuesday 20th August at 6pm. Parishioners are welcome to attend this beautiful outdoor Mass, when we remember past friends of the church here. If the weather is unsuitable it will take place in the church.

St John of the Cross (Aylsham) invites the parish to their Hog Roast   on Saturday 31st August at 1pm in the church garden. In addition to the food there will be games, book and produce stalls. There is also a Vegetarian option. Soft drinks/tea/coffee will be provided plus pre-roast nibbles and puddings. All for £8. The proceeds are to go to Hospice Ethiopia. Tickets by ’phone from Clare Glenn 01263 734853. Numbers must be in by Friday 23rd August

The annual Bike Ride takes place on Saturday 14th September from 9.00am - 5.00pm run by the Norfolk Churches Trust. To take part or know more about the event go to Walkers as well as cyclists are welcome; sponsorship forms available.
At North Walsham we would ask for volunteers please to sign up for an hour (or more) to record the participants when they stop off at the church.

We pray for all our sick parishioners: Joe Seely, Maria Wilby, Matt Butler, John Gowing, Teresa Farrow, Tom Ender and Derek Palman.

We pray for Liz Smith who died recently: we remember her family and friends at this time. We also pray for Derek Moss who died last month and for his family. We pray also for all those whose anniversaries occur at this time including: Hilda Howard, Audrey Barnes and George Mayer.

May they rest in peace.

 Next Family Mass: Sunday 6th October - Harvest Thanksgiving





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