Newsletter 06.10.19.

Dear Friends,

On October 2nd, we celebrated the Feast Day of our Guardian Angels. “Guardian Angel” is one of Blessed John Henry Newman’s hymn poems, written after he established The Oratory of St Philip Neri in England. Blessed Newman calls his Guardian Angel his oldest friend, who guided and helped him during every moment of his childhood, a friend who knows him completely. He thanks his angel for whispering in his ear, giving him guidance, calling him back when he had strayed. Blessed Newman reminds us that our guardian angels will remain with us, throughout life and on our deathbed, they will be there for us as well, lending us courage and strength in our last moments. His poem “Guardian Angels” ends with a beautiful image, that of the Guardian Angel, whom Newman calls “Brother of my soul” carrying him in his arms, the angel’s wings gently bearing his soul to heaven……...How often do we think of our guardian angels? Or ask for their assistance? Though not as elegant as Cardinal Newman’s beautiful poem, I think that the simple and child-like prayer to our guardian angel is a short and calming prayer before sleep each night: “Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, Ever this day (or night) Be at my side, to light and guard, To rule and guide. Amen”

On a more personal note, this is my final weekend in the parish for this year. I have mentioned that my mother’s paternal grandfather came from this part of Norfolk. Her maternal grandfather however came from Dufftown in the Highland of Scotland, (the home of the best Highland whiskies, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Balvenie, to name just a few) and, after 170 years we still have contact with cousins at Dufftown. So, after my final Mass this Sunday, I drive up to Scotland. Before I left South Australia I contacted the Diocese of Aberdeen to ask permission to celebrate daily Mass. I then received an email from a parish priest in Scotland, telling me how difficult it had been to find a priest willing to supply in his parish for a couple of weeks, while he had a brief holiday. So after being with my relatives at Dufftown for a few days, I shall be, for two weeks, the “locum” parish priest of the Shetland Islands!!! I shall certainly “hae” a wee dram! (Perhaps not so wee!) for my dear friends in Norfolk!   Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, and, God willing, we shall see each other next year. Fr Gavin

 Fr Gavin


Please note: No Masses this week: As Fr Gavin will be leaving the parish today (Sunday) and Fr James will be returning some time on Friday 11th, there will not be any Masses said during this coming week.

Collectors - Please note that for the next four weeks (the month of October) we need to take a Mass count in each of our churches and record the numbers on the sheet provided at the back of the church

The Rosary will be said in each of our churches this month, starting half an hour before the(Saturday)/Sunday Masses. Volunteers needed please to lead the Rosary at the Sacred Heart; if you could sign the sheet at the back of the church.

Next Saturday 12th October: ‘Support Cambodia’ Race Night in the Parish Hall. A few tickets (£1) are available. Phone 01263 577784 or email

The Book of Revelation Bible Study Course at St George’s in Norwich starts Monday 14th October at 1.30pm in the hall with weekly sessions from 28th Oct - 25th Nov and restarting 6th Jan - 3rd Feb. Each session is of 2 hours, involves group discussion based on private study: (course book costs £20) followed by DVD input from Jeff Cavins. to register.

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Norwich has an OPEN MORNING on Wed 9th October 9.30 - 11am. If your child is starting in Reception Sept 2020, please come to visit us. For information go to

We pray for all our sick parishioners: Joe Seely, Maria Wilby, Matt Butler, John Gowing, Teresa Farrow, Tom Ender, Derek Palman and Lesley Jarvis.

We pray for Peter Harrison who died on Wednesday; we remember his family and friends at this time. We pray for all those whose anniversaries occur at this time including: Eileen Winson, Sylvia Butcher, Joyce Bailey, Emanuel (Manny) Galea, Deana Gawlina, Mary Merrill and Wladislaw (Val) Fanistra.

May they rest in peace.



















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